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Read like a Hebrew
NT authors teach to read like a Hebrew
Luke shows a hidden layer
Genesis 38 as Luke would read it
Eliminating free-for-all allegory
John knew the mystery best
NT authors had full confidence in the OT
NT authors saw history as prophecy
NT authors point to OT patterns
NT authors play with riddles
NT authors read meaning from Hebrew letters
Teaching children -1
Teaching children -2
Teaching children -3

Systematic Theology

Systematic Theology
Mystery of the alphabet
Formation of letters
God created the heavens and the earth א
Aleph – 1 א‎
Aleph in father -1 ab אב
Aleph in desire -2 abeh אבה
Aleph summary
My apologies
He revealed to man ב
He pursued them ג
His commands and teachings ד
They heard but did not understand ה
It distinguished them ו
The bride ז
They understood ח
Marriage with the Son of God ט
A new creation י
The Son of God כ
Taught ל
The covenant made by the Father מ
The Son of Man נ
Fulfilled the spiritual works of God ס
Being made to be sin ע
He spoke in parables פ
The cross צ
The Son of God died and rose ק
Revealing ר
His word does not return void ש
He completed his work ת
The Son of God died ך
Finished the declared works ם
The Son of Man died ן
Prophecy was fulfilled ף
Judgement was ended ץ
Christ reigns as king

The Q document put to rest

The 'Q' document
The gospel gaps
Mark's beginning
The book of the son of David
Second son - Abraham
Second son - Isaac
Second son - Jacob
Second son - Judah
Second son - Pharez
Prostitute/virgin bride
Close enough?
Joseph's reluctance
The Star
The Star - part 2
Luke's beginning

The videos

000 Cell Phone Seminary
Until now there were only two kinds of Seminaries: Dogmatic - teaching you what to believe, and Open - teaching that you probably can't believe.
This seminary is designed (the term is used loosely) to help you learn HOW to read the Bible so that you CAN believe.

001 Testing the tech
002 Secrets of Christ still hidden by Jews
002.1 Suprise! Hebrew has vowels!
002.2 The root and the source
002.3 Lie of modern vowels
002.4 The lie of the number of letters in the alphabet
002.5 The lie of riddles
002.6 The lie of Cabala
002.7 Denial part 1
002.8 Denial part 2
002.9 Magic knowledge
002.10 No magic knowledge
002.11 The Jewish way or the Jesus way
002.12 Satan and the Single Intent School
002.13 Pesher
002.14 Midrash
002.15 Allegory
003 Mystery revealed in 7 layers
003.1 Strokes of the letters
003.2 Letters - vav family
003.3 Letters - dalet family
003.4 Letters - rosh family
003.5 Letters - kaf family
003.6 Letters - marriage family
003.7 Letters - diagonal family
003.8 Letters - leftover family
003.9 Letters - Building Adam from scratch