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Ge 1:2 And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness [was] upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.

והארץ היתה תהו ובהו וחשך עלפני תהום ורוח אלהים מרחפת עלפני המים Ge 1:2

From Genesis 1:1 it is determined from בראשית that the Son בר and the Word ברא are self-existent (and are one), since they are not created. And God אלהים is self-existent.

From this verse:

The earth was created in v.1
The chaos and void were properties of the earth.
Darkness pre-existed the creation of the Light.
The deep תהום was an extension of the chaos תהו.
The Spirit רוח was self-existent.
The waters מים were a part of the heavens שמים.

And the earth והארץ - and the testimony of the spirit, water and blood
became - היתה that the creator's purpose was not understood literally or spiritually
choas - תהו the final woe
vacancy - ובהו made clear in the revelation to man, was not understood OR revealed to man woe

and darkness - וחשך living in the spirit (quickened) חש , palate חכ , hedging שכ, m. love,

over - על on, over, yoke, he went in, supreme, due-to,iniquity, unweaned,ascend, leaf
surfaces of - פני face, corner פנ, פי bidding of, mouth of, division of, slit of,ני he is repudiating, m. presentation/visible part
the abyss תהום - Completed chaos/woe

Vibrating מרחפת - from spirit morsels .

The heavens שמים are made up of the Spirit ש, the Father מ, the Son ם and creation י.

Grace (the darkness) covered the extended chaos of the deep.

It can be read as avery loose paraphrase/interpretation: And Christ was incarnate God in the womb and empty of the divine (not ceasing to be God, but choosing to limit himself from the attributes of the divine) and grace was upon the representative of all mankind. And the Spirit of God fulfilled the prophetic riddles in the resurrection of Christ and his bride (the new creation).

והארץ vhartz


(d. and the earth)
(h. and the the Spirit, water, and blood)

היתה hythh

(d. it(she) became)

תהו thhv


(d. chaos, vain, confusion, without form)
(m. final ת woe הו)

ובהו vbhv

(d. and void)


and darkness

עלפני olpny

(d. over surfaces )

תהום thhvm


(d. deep, abyss)
(m. the final woe תהו of the them ם)
(m. the final woe תהו of the Son ם)

ורוח vrvch

(d. and spirit of)

אלהים alhym


(t. Elohim)
(d. God)
(d. judge)
(d. mighty)
(d. rulers)
(p. אלחים light : אל not חום dark)
(p. לחם bread)
(h. אל to, for חי living ים water)
(h. אל God ה the ים water)

מרחפת mrchpth

(d. vibrating)
(h. spread myrhh)

עלפני olpny

(d. over surfaces )

המים hmym

(d. the waters )

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