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==[[מרחפת]] mrchpth==
==[[מרחפת]] mrchpth==
:(d. vibrating)
[[מרחפת]] - vibrating)
:(h. spread myrhh)

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מרחפת mrchpth

מרחפת - vibrating)

  • מר-חפ-ת - myrhh מר spread about חפ שמ purpose ת . (Judgement)

מר - myrrh bitter
ח - life
פת - morsel
מ - Father , from
ר - revelation
ח - life
פ - mystery
ת - finished

רחפת rchpth

(h. ר revelation חפת vibrating)

מר mr

(d. bitter)
(d. myrrh)
(m. death)




morsel of, secrets, sockets, hinges