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By the time the reader reaches the third word of Genesis 1:1, he has already encountered several names for God:


The invisible aleph tells us He is a Trinity, since the strokes of the letter; yod-vav-yod, is later enlarged to say "The Spirit hovered over the face of the waters", where the waters above are the Father, and the waters below are the Son. He is the invisible creator of heaven and earth whose name is the unpronounceable "ee-oo-ee" (similar to Yahweh). We know he is the first and only, since the number of the aleph is one, and we know he is the last because the name of the letter aleph means 1000, which is the last number of the single digit Hebrew number system. The number 1000 is also the numeric metaphor for king.

Father ab אב

As the Father ab אב he is the one who spoke and created the heavens and the earth א then revealed himself to man ב.

The word 'Father' ab אב also means green shoot as an evidence and metaphor that the Father gave the first life. It also means fruit on a tree as evidence and as a metaphor that the father gave the second life.

Son bar בר

The Son is the one who has revealed himself to man ב as the Living Word of God ר. He is also the Son bar בר who spoke and created the heavens and the earth א, in the word bara ברא which is translated created and understood to be the Word which created. [1]

Spirit ש

The Spirit ש is the one who gave life to the bride, of the Word, enabling the two to return together. The Spirit is also represented by the diagonal vav in the aleph.


God next shares his name as Elohim. It is a plural form of God el אל, but because God has already said he is the only God with his name aleph, it is never translated as a plural form when speaking of God. Like the aleph having the numeric value of 1 yet having three parts, or like the Hebrew word "father" ab אב which is a single father having a gematria of 3 (א is 1, ב is 2) is understood to be like the royal "we" when a king speaks of himself.

By formation, his name אלהים means - God el אל separated from his people im ים by ignorance ה. Literally im ים is water, but it is a metaphor for the word of God, and as a metaphor also can be verbalized as the result of the word of God, which is the church, or his people. To break im down farther, it is creation י finished by the Son ם. His finished work, indicated by the number 7, which is the zayin ז represents the bride, his people.

God is separated from his people by ignorance. When man was created, he didn't just magically know who God was. Even as God walked with him in the garden, he didn't magically know God. It was a process of learning about God. This is the first hint concerning the kingdom. If you are separated from God by ignorance, you must learn.


  1. Since God spoke each time he created, the word 'created' bara ברא is understood to be the word which created.