May your heart burn...

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May your heart burn...

May your heart burn... the scriptures are opened.

I was listening to Alistair Begg on the radio speak of the encounter on the road to Emmaus. he emphasized that it is not by clever preaching, not intellect that we understand the scriptures, particularity the scriptures which were hidden until after the cross, but it is by the Spirit of God opening our eyes to them.

Many wish that they had the sermon from that encounter, not realizing that it is right in front of them in the Gospels. Like many, I had been given the impression through the church, that the New Testament was filled with new teachings. Though this is partially true, the new teachings are nothing more than the mystery hidden in the old. Even Paul's doctrines were checked against the Old Testament by the Bereans. No one in that day would have accepted a teaching that began "I have a special revelation and new doctrine from God." Nor should we accept that today. But we should pray that our eyes be opened to the new teaching in the old teaching.

I have wrestled with how to share the sermon from the road. I have attempted tedious proofs, and explanations. But Alistair convinced me that all my proofs, though valid and appropriate for some audiences, are for naught in the conversion of the soul.

There is so much animosity against the mystery teaching of Christ, and some of it rightly so because of gross abuses, that a small defense for this work is necessary in sharing the boundaries of the 'eye opening' hermeneutic. With out this, many will claim that these teachings are nothing but more free-for-all allegory. Many will likely claim this also because of their laziness in applying the rules.

Chapter 1 will share the rules which prevent free-for-all allegory. Some will read it and say that the rules are impossible to meet. Exactly so. No man-made system could impose meaning on the scripture and adhere to the rules. Because of the rules, the meaning is self-correcting. They change Bible debate into Bible collaboration.

After that, the Bible will be opened for those who can see. Proofs may be added into an appendix for those who cannot see. I pray that your heart may burn.

MYHB Ch1 - Rules

MYHB Ch2 - Teaching

MYHB Ch3 - Cross