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We noted previously “Mark … saw the story begin with the preaching of John the Baptist. Matthew pushes the start of the story to Abraham, and Luke to Adam.” and John pushed it to Genesis 1:1.

They had full confidence in the OT scriptures. They did not defend that it was the word of God, they simply presumed it. Many evidences can be found by googling. However, it can be suggested that the hidden layer, called the “mystery hidden from the beginning”, is actual proof that it is the word of God being the very fingerprint of God upon his word.

Like a watermark, if the literal words of the scripture had been messed up, the hidden layer underneath would also get messed up. This is a testimony of the preservation of the word.

The hidden layer is impossible for men to have imposed upon it after the fact. If you have not yet grasped this point, return to “Eliminating free-for-all allegory” and contemplate the effect that every time a donkey is mentioned, it MUST be a prophet in the hidden layer. Men do not get to choose when to apply it and not. It must be the same everywhere.

The reason that the authors do not make the case for the word of God directly is because they have full confidence that God’s sheep hear his voice. Those who are willfully disobedient to God can tell the difference between footprints in the sand and swirls made by water, but they deny the design in creation itself.

They are deceived by the flesh, just as you once were. By having full confidence in God’s living word, we need not wrestle with their flesh.

This argument is made about God. Many will say that Genesis does not seek to prove that God exists, but merely presumes that he does. This should not come as a surprise since he tells us that all men already know that God is:

Ro 1:19 ¶ Because that which may be known of God is manifest in them; for God hath shewed [it] unto them.

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