NT authors teach to read like a Hebrew

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The New Testament authors teach us HOW to read the OT. This hermeneutic has rules discerned from scripture using the hermeneutic. We will be reproducing the exegesis of the NT authors. We will be showing how they got their teaching from the OT.

One of the rules is that when something becomes a metaphor, it is always the same. This keeps it from free-for-all allegory and actually makes it self-correcting.

Another is that since Jesus said that all the scriptures speak of him, guess what… ALL THE SCRIPTURES SPEAK OF HIM. Many preachers contradict Jesus. Many who have attempted to reveal the mystery of the Bible have spoken of everything BUT Jesus. If you don’t see Jesus in the scripture, you don’t yet understand the scripture.

The Greek hermeneutic has recreated Mars hill within the church. Everyone was willing to accept Paul until he said that his God was the only God. In the church we are willing to accept ANY interpretation as being equally valid as long as it does not step on our toes. But God’s word is sure and fixed. He did not leave it to the frailties of human understanding. He wrote it in such a way that we can know.

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