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If you are following progress on one of the works below, and would like me to focus on it, drop me a note and I will attempt to do so.
Dinner Theater in the Dietary Law In process... need illustrator
Before the Beginning In process... need illustrator
TYMK "That you may know" being published anonymously in a free speech forum
Answers for skeptics target for free speech forum
The Dietary Law re-working - adult version of "Dinner Theater in the Dietary Law"
Rules needs review
Pneumnemonic_Hebrew_for_Beginners needs review - targeted for free speech forum
May your heart burn... stalled - partially published on FB. Will move to a different social media platform.
Parallel Gospels incomplete notes only
Parables working on this now
The talk stalled
Larger catechism will get back to this
Creation study guide will get back to this
Westminster (Larger) Cathechism stalled
Ge 37 notes will get back to this