Swine (Dietary law)

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Some people say their favorite verse of the Bible is "God helps those who help themselves". That isn't in the Bible. The swine eats, or learns anything, and teaches it as truth.

The swine is a symbol of the self-righteous; people who think they are good just because they think they are good. The name (חסיר )in Hebrew means 'perceive חז a new י revelation ר'. They think their own ideas, or whatever new ideas they hear, are true.

Swine pass off new teachings from others as if they are from the Bible. They hear from others that there are errors in the Bible. They pass it on as truth to make themselves look clever.

Teachers may learn things from scientific theories and pass them on as absolute truth. One thing is absolutely true in science: what it says is true today, will not be true tomorrow.

They may read the Bible and not understand it. They will teach their error as truth. When faced with things that appear to be opposite teachings in the Bible, they just choose one and ignore the other, rather than work to understand they are both true.

The one who cannot understand the word of God is not a good teacher.