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Vignettes and maps

Genesis 38 contained a hidden prophecy or vignette of the birth of Christ. We might have explained Luke's hidden picture of Christ in Acts 12 by his knowledge of the history of Jesus. There is no explanation for the hidden picture of Christ in Gen 38 except that God subtly directed the actors and the author's view was obscured to see only the parts that painted a picture of Christ. This is why it is called The Director's Bible.

For the purpose of unpacking the sensus plenior, a hidden prophecy of Christ which encompasses more than a few verses will be called a vignette. Genesis 38 is a vignette primarily concerned with the birth of Christ.

A map is a key to understanding how the source, the original verses, becomes a vignette.

Ge 38 vignette

The Lord descended to the rich earth and had three sons of the dust: Adam, Israel, and Joseph. He gave the Mother of all living to Adam but he sinned so God killed him. He said to Israel, raise up living children on behalf of Adam, but Israel wasted his children in earthly pursuits. This displeased the Lord, so he killed him too.

Then God said that the mother of all living should remain desolate. And the earth died. God went up to cut off the sheep at the appointed time and he took justice of the people. Before the appointed time of Christ, God met Mary, she was engaged to Joseph and was a virgin. She was wrapped in grace.

When God saw her, he saw her as 'rebellious' (Mary), he said, "let me impregnate you". And she asked what will he would give in return? He said, "I will give you the scapegoat, for he will save his people from their sin." She asked, "What assurance do I have that you will send it?" She was given three sayings: The power of God will overshadow you, He will be the Son of God, You are Holy. She conceived by him.

Her special grace was removed and she became as though she was desolate again knowing that she would lose her son. When she conceived there was no guile found in her. When the she was found to be with child, Mary was threatened. But when the real father was discovered, she was honored. Jesus was the only-begotten son of the Father.

Mary bore the dual-natured God-man, who was the second Adam and who was destined to bear our sin in his works. He was called "Dayspring". God did not bear any other sons by Mary.

Gen 38 map


Judah: God

one member of the trinity

his brethren: God

peers with God
the other two members of the trinity

a certain Adullamite, whose name was Hirah: The Holy Ghost

a particular one responsible for "justice of the people" whose reputation was "a noble family"

a daughter of a certain Canaanite, whose name was Shuah: dust

a child of the 'lowland':earth whose reputation was 'rich'
rich earth, or dust from which Adam was made
pun of Shuah is Shuach (humbled)

Er: Adam

'Awake' : 'Alive from the dust'
Opposite of: Asleep => dead => in the dust
The first son of God
Killed because of sin

Onan: Israel

He was called Onan by one who did not see clearly, so his name misrepresents him
He was the second son of Judah:God (Ex 4:22))
He replaced the first son (Ge 38:8,9), (Ex 4:22)
Wasted his seed:children in the earth
Killed because of sin

Tamar: Mary

Tree of life
'Date palm'/'human of blood'
Desolate woman:virgin
Promise made to her of a delayed gift
goat : child (scapegoat)
Wanted an assurance of the promise
Received three assurances
Bears the firstfruits
Threatened when discovered to be pregnant
Honored when the father was revealed
Bore a son
Bore twins: dual-natured God-man
God did not know her again


Timnath: The appointed time

The time of the cross (Heb 9:27)

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