A Survey of The Life and Teachings of Jesus

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A Survey of The Life and Teachings of Jesus

© L.D. Underwood 2010

David (D): This work began as a traditional approach to an Introduction to the New Testament: A survey of the structure and topics of the New Testament.

However, when introduced to sensus plenior, it took a turn to become a dialog between a traditional approach to scripture and that which is totally unfamiliar to the traditional approach.

What value is there in considering the proposition of sensus plenior?

Bob (B): I did not set out to make a new hermeneutic or way to study the Bible, so I did not formulate a reason to study differently. It is only after the fact of reading the sensus plenior (SP), that I may speak to the point. We will observe that SP will answer many of the problems which seem to be invented by the traditional methods, giving us a firm trust in the word.
When using the traditional literal-historical methods, we find that there is no standard for truth. Commentators form a modern Areopagus; politely accepting one another while holding vastly divergent views on even the most simple parables. They speak of the 'perspecuity' of scripture, using a very big word to mean that it is simple to understand, while demonstrating that they only have the appearance of understanding when viewed individually. When viewed collectively, they display the same unresolved questions of 2000 years.
SP produces a reproducible and verifiable meaning to scripture. It's methods are similar to those used to solve a crossword puzzle, and like the puzzle, the answers to one question is locked in by the answers to all. For some this is frightful and 'dangerous'. It potentially challenges their long held dogmas passed down by conflicting traditions.

Table of Contents

Volume 1

SLTJ:Ch 1 A General Introduction to the New Testament
SLTJ:Ch 2 Preview of the Gospel Quartet
SLTJ:Ch 3 The Synoptic Problem
SLTJ:Ch 4 Introduction to Matthew and Mark
SLTJ:Ch 5 Introduction to Mark's Gospel
SLTJ:Ch 6 Introduction to Luke’s Gospel
SLTJ:Ch 7 Introduction to John's Gospel
SLTJ:Ch 8 The Physical World in Which Jesus Lived
SLTJ:Ch 9 The Political World in Which Jesus Lived
SLTJ:Ch 10 The Cultural World in Which Jesus Lived
SLTJ:Ch 11 The Religious World in Which Jesus Lived
SLTJ:Ch 12 The Fullness of Time
SLTJ:Bibliography Volume 1 (Chapters 1-12)

Volume 2

SLTJ:Ch 13 The Preexistence of Jesus
SLTJ:Ch 14
SLTJ:Ch 15
SLTJ:Ch 16