Before the Beginning

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Before God could use words to create the universe [1], he had to make words. To make words, he needed an alphabet. Before the beginning, God invented an alphabet.

The alphabet that he created is different from all other alphabets. Each letter has a meaning that it gets from the dots and strokes within it.

In English, the word 'catastrophe' has nothing to do with 'cats', and neither does the letter 'c'.

In Hebrew the 'ah' sound found in 'Adam', and artz for 'earth' means 'spirit'. [2]

You may have heard the dots and strokes called 'jots' and 'tittles' [3], but their real names are 'yods' and 'vavs' meaning 'works' and 'words'. The letters are constructed using his works and words. How can he make letters from his works and words when he hasn't said or done anything yet?

He created his alphabet telling what he planned to do. [4]

The alphabet tells the plan of God, which he formulated, even before he spoke to create anything.

The alphabet tells the story of Christ and the cross four thousand years before Christ and the cross.

The story is not imposed on the alphabet after the cross, that would be impossible. The language had already been in use for centuries. This author did not invent the meaning of the alphabet; but merely observed it.

Jesus said that the scriptures spoke of him [5], and they were written before he walked the earth.

The meaning of that alphabet can be proven two ways: reverse engineer the language, as I have done, or use it and see that it works.

You may take 8000 Hebrew words and treat them like a giant crossword puzzle. Begin by assigning meaning to prefixes and suffixes and then using them with that meaning. Use a pencil; they may change. Then find all the two-letter sub-roots or contractions, called 'gates'. use their meaning when you find them in other words. Use some rules from a first century hermeneutic: they must always have the same meaning, and if you reverse a gate, there must be a reversal in meaning. This will get you started.

If that seems like a lot of work, and it is, then you may simply use what is given to you and see that it works.

There is a popular myth that there is no proof that God exists. If things are popular, there is something wrong with them. God said that we may know him, even before he wants us to 'believe' or 'trust' him. [6]

Every false religion wants you to blindly trust something. God stands apart by giving you the means to know him first.

He says Ps 34:8 O taste and see that the LORD [is] good: blessed [is] the man [that] trusteth in him. 'Taste' is in a family of metaphor with 'eating' which is 'learning'. He says, "Learn and understand." Knowledge comes first. And you will be happy when you trust him. [7]

א Aleph

God spoke and created the heavens and the earth

א - day, evening, night
א - day, evening, night
א - night, morning, day
א - waters above, Spirit, waters below
א - waters above, firmament, waters below

ב Bet

He revealed himself to man

ב - light, dark
ב - dark, light
ב - waters, dry ground
ב - burning bush, Moses
ב - Jesus, crowds

ג Gimel

ג - God, Adam, "Where are you?"
ג - God, Cain, "Why are you angry"

ד Dalet (Before the Beginning)

ה Hei(Before the Beginning)

ו Vav (Before the Beginning)

ז Zayin (Before the Beginning)

ח Chet (Before the Beginning)

ט Tet (Before the Beginning)

י Yod (Before the Beginning)

כ Kof (Before the Beginning)

ל Lamed (Before the Beginning)

מ Mem (Before the Beginning)

נ Nun (Before the Beginning)

ס Samech (Before the Beginning)

ע Ayin (Before the Beginning)

פ Pei (Before the Beginning)

צ Tsadi (Before the Beginning)

ק Qof (Before the Beginning)

ר Resh (Before the Beginning)

ש Shin (Before the Beginning)

ת Tov (Before the Beginning)

ך Final Kof (Before the Beginning)

ם Final Mem (Before the Beginning)

ן Final Nun (Before the Beginning)

ף Final Pei (Before the Beginning)

ץ Final Tsadi (Before the Beginning)
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