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Zayin ז The Bride

The zayin is drawn up the left side of the Square Letter Template. It meets a yud at the top like a tiny 'T'. It differs from the vav ו which descends from a yod י. It is that which returns to God. Alone, or with other elements it usually describes the bride of Christ. The word zayin means 'prostitute'. The bride of Christ (the church) was a prostitute (sinner) that was made in to the virgin (pure bride). [v 1][q 1]. [a 1]


  1. Can you think of women in the Bible who represent (literally or figuratively) the virgin bride who was also a prostitute (Ex. Mary was pure, but her name means 'rebellious' and she had the gossip surrounding her of her being a prostitute)




  1. zayin ז - prostitute, m. bride


  1. Rebekah was 'took' (married) by the servant and was uncovered with him before she saw Isaac. Leah represents the prostitute and Rachel the virgin. Gomer was a prostitute and she named her son "God sows" as a hint of the virgin birth.
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