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Some site conventions:


Numbers are used to index many things.

01 - #Strong's Hebrew word numbering linked.
1 - #Strong's Greek word numbering linked.
1 - just a number. Notice that it is not linked.
C:1 - The number of letters in the word.
G:1 - The gematria of the word.
Go:1 - The original (uncompressed) gematria of the word.
Gn:1 - The gematria of the name.
Sn:1 - The Secret number.
Q01.1 - #Riddle number
A01.2 - #Answer to a riddle number
Ge 1:1 - #Verse of the Bible

Answer to a riddle number

An answer to a riddle begins with an 'A'. The rest of the number is the same as the Question that it is an answer to.

Riddle number

A riddle number begins with 'Q'. It is then followed by a Strong's number, and a sequential number.

Q01.1 is the first riddle for Strong's Hebrew index 01

Strong's Greek word numbering

Strong's index for Greek words does not start with a zero. They will be linked numbers. Numbers which are not linked are just numbers.

Strong's Hebrew word numbering

Strong's index for Hebrew words begin with zero, such as 01.

Verse of the Bible

Two or three-letter codes are used for the books of the Bible. When a range is used, the link will take you to the page for the first verse of the range, such as Ge 1:1-5.

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