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Christ matters - Sensus Plenior

Christ matters

If it doesn't look like Christ, it's the wrong answer

Jud 14:5 ff unpacked:

God the Son became incarnate at the appointed time. The Lion of Judah (Judge of God) judged him (for the sins of man). The Spirit of God effected the judgement and tore him in two (same symbolism as the parted water, torn veil etc. prophesying that God would be torn, father from son, at the cross.) "rent him as a kid" sets the parallel that the torn lion is as a sacrifice (even though lions were not appropriate sacrifices according to the law). And he went and visited his bride (after the resurrection).

The word for 'bee' is 'deborah' and has the hieroglyphic meaning "Speak a revelation to get a response" or "preach". The new bride was preaching. (A similitude of Mary running to tell the disciples... it was the bride (not literally) who first preached. Milk and honey are closely-coupled dual-natured idea. Milk is the spiritual aspect of blessings, and honey is the physical symbol of the same. The church was benefiting in this life from the preaching of the cross.

What is more interesting is Samson's response "If ye had not plowed with my heifer, ye had not found out my riddle."

The sensus plenior is a riddle which is infused in all of the scripture and always speaks of Christ. The heifer is the sacrifice (Christ and the cross) the thing which is plowed is the literal text of the Bible. The mystery is revealed as you plow the literal with the knowledge of the cross. The sensus plenior can only speak the truth about Christ because it is uncovered with the knowledge of Christ.

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