Gospel of Thomas - Chapter 060

Saying 58

(58) Jesus said, "Blessed is the man who has suffered and found life."

Although this is similar to other teachings such as suffering for Christ's sake, secret sayings usually involve a riddle, word play, a pun or other such device.

חול chul means both travail and sand which is how the second set of the children of Abraham are described.

He has children like dust; i.e. without water/the word.
He has children like sand of the sea shore; i.e. washed by the word/water
And Children like stars; these are those who are shining in Christ/the firmament.

I am not fully satisfied with this solution, though it gives a hint on how to use the multiple meanings of words in discerning sensus plenior.

The simple meaning is that the one who suffered was Jesus who found life in resurrection. There just isn't any word play that I have found in that yet.

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