How the shin tells us about God

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These are some the attributes:

  • Order or position in the alphabet: 21 : 3
  • A number value: 300 : 3
  • A meaning using notarikon (splitting it into smaller parts): vav descends, returns as an zayin with an increased zayin.
  • The meaning of it's name: tooth, ivory
  • The number of it's name: 350 : 8
  • The formation of the name: increase ש of the Son of Man נ
  • The gate (a reversal gives an opposite sense): forget vs law (tooth) , forget vs. confront
  • Memory [1]:
Shin - Spirit and the bride
Shin - increase of the Trinity
Shin - The church belongs to God
Shin - God's word does not return void
Shim - Christ returns with a bride
Shin - Christ is greater on his return, restored to glory
Shin - the increase is the proof of the teaching
  1. Memory - The source of the idea in this line comes from Jewish tradition which has not yet been traced to scripture.