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The Bible is a fractal-like revelation.

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Site introduction

This is a brain dump of personal studies. Some pages are not completely flushed out, some are collections of scriptures to correlate. I am slowly bringing it together for public consumption through the Recommended Readings.

Nearly all Scripture citations are linked whether there is content on the other end or not. Follow the link, then use "What links here" to discover all the pages which cite that scripture.

Recommended reading

If you are following progress on one of the works below, and would like me to focus on it, drop me a note and I will attempt to do so.

May your heart burn... <-- working on this now
Parables <--- will get back to this
The talk <--- will get back to this
Creation study guide <--- will get back to this
Ge 37 notes <--- will get back to this
The Dietary Law
Larger catechism
Martin Pickup's article [1]
A Survey of The Life and Teachings of Jesus Dave's book; I am commenting <--- will get back to this
"The Literary Guide to the Bible" - Alter and Kermode a book I am engaging. <--- will get back to this

This site is experimental in nature; a brain dump in personal studies and writings. You are welcome here. Someday someone might organize it.

About - Sensus plenior –Study Bible [Under construction]
Books - Attempts at writing
Contact - email info
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New pages - Stuff I am adding (may be sub-pages)
Old Blog - Almost a book too
Old Main pages - Different introductions
Videos - Amateur attempt at video blogging


The Bible - one book

The Bible - one message

The Bible - written for one child


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  1. He asked permission to use