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My wiki:About - Sensus Plenior

My wiki:About

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Sensus plenior

Divine authorial intent as a hermeneutical principle must be viewed as the goal of interpretation. - Richard Barcellos

Jesus said all the scriptures spoke of him. When we read the scriptures, particularly the Old Testament, it is difficult to see how they do. Don't feel bad. Theologians can't see it either. But the New Testament authors could! Modern theologians admit that they cannot read the Old Testament the way the New Testament authors did.

Sensus plenior is a modern term to describe what Paul called "the mystery hidden from the beginning". It is the message that God intended, which the human authors were not aware of. Some modern theologians have said that if sensus plenior exists, we are not allowed to read it.

Since they don't know how to read it themselves, theologians are afraid of loosing a method of interpretation which might rely on free-for-all allegory. Check out the Rules for yourself and see that only the lazy practitioner would fall into it and easily be corrected; even by children.

This site is just a beginning. The Bible is written in at least seven layers and four voices. I cannot possibly document it all in my lifetime. But I hope to share enough that others can continue the work.

I apologize that the site is a mess. It started as personal study notes. I am attempting to clean it up so that others can find their way around. I started several books. Only one is 'complete' if they ever really get there. I am not really an author, but an evangelist. Without feedback, each book would reach the point of requiring a decision for a direction. Without it it stalled.

I am looking for an artist for "Dinner Theater in the Dietary Law".

I will be attempting to make a portion of this site a bit like a blog.

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