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Matthew gives Jesus’s genealogy to show that Jesus was the legitimate king of Israel through Joseph. In doing so, Matthew is pointing out a pattern established in the OT. The pattern concerns the titles of Jesus

These are second, either literally or through riddle:

The book of the son of David (the first is Ecclesiastes)
David the second king
Abraham a second son, and his second name
Isaac a second son
Jacob a second son
Judas a 4th son becomes 2nd when Simeon and Levi are not to be counted.
Pharez the second son born first

Patterns continue through the list of names giving several titles to Jesus; Only Begotten Son, Un-begotten Only Son, Forsaken Son.

Matthew writes his gospel in four blocks each having two sections. In the first section of each block, Jesus teaches, and in the second he does things that parallel his teaching.

The Bible is written in 4 blocks of two parts. The first two (Genesis 1) act like a table of contents to the other 6 blocks, paralleling the six days of creation (which has 3 + 3 days).

The authorial heart of the Father can be seen in blocks 3 & 4, as he says “Here is my Son, in whom I am well pleased. Yes there is some trouble, but he has it covered.”

Blocks 5 and 6 carry the heart of the Son: “The Father has given me a bride, and I love her, but she is a prostitute.” It tells of his broken heart and how he woos and works for her.

The 7th and 8th sound like the Holy Spirit proclaiming the marriage of the Lamb. Then telling how the man and his wife are fruitful and multiplying.

Within these blocks the same story is told repeatedly in smaller chunks like a fractal. Each smaller chuck tells the same story: The Father made a covenant with man, the Son worked it out, and the Spirit gave life.

It is all designed so that the Son makes the Father known.

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