Marriage with the Son of God ט

The tet ט is formed by the joining of a kaf כ (Son of God) and the zayin ז (his bride) at the bottom.  Together they form the marriage on earth.

Just as Adam obtained his bride through his sleep/death Christ obtained his bride through the cross. The church IS the bride of Christ.

The tet ט first appears in scripture in the word “good” towb טוב.  Each day of creation was good. By the letters: The marriage ט clarified by ו the revelation to man (the son) ב.

Each day of creation is also a “day” yowm יום. By the letters it means: A clarification ו of God’s intention י and how it was fulfilled by the son in the flesh ם.

Each day was good because each day is a picture of the revelation of the son, which is of the cross and a symbol of the marriage of Christ to the church.

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