Coney (Dietary law)

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When Adam named the coney he must have seen the coney take a treasure into his den, then return to the opening to defend it with bared teeth. His name means 'hide the treasure' [1] but it also means 'mystery פ of the biting teeth שן'. The coney is a symbol of a teacher who hides the Gospel.

God is Holy and he is also Love. Holiness is expressed by separation, the law, and judgement. His love is expressed by patience, long-suffering, and self-sacrifice.

Judgement in the Old Testament was required to teach that he is holy. Now through the 'play' which was finished on the cross, His holiness is understood. When his holiness is learned through the cross, God is free to teach of his love.

Consider when Elisha removed an ax head from the stream [2]: With an ax as a symbol of judgement, and the water a symbol of his word, he removed judgement from the Word.

The same story is told when Jesus turned water; the word, into wine; a symbol of grace.

The coney-like teacher hides the treasure, or message of love, and only presents the teeth; the law. He uses the Bible to threaten people with the anger of God.
  1. שפן - coney, hide, treasure up
  2. 2Ki 6:6 And the man of God said, Where fell it? And he shewed him the place. And he cut down a stick, and cast [it] in thither; and the iron did swim.