Fish (Dietary law)

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With water representing the word of God, the clean fish represents the teacher who has been commanded to pursue, or search, the scriptures.

The Hebrew word for 'fish' means 'commanded to pursue'. [1] When Adam watched the fish darting around the water, it seemed like an appropriate name.

A clean fish has scales symbolizing the armor of God [2] , and is propelled by fins symbolizing that the love Jesus had for the word, motivates the teacher. This is hidden in riddle. [3]

God's teachers are always looking to understand God better. They study, meditate, and then live what they have learned. They correct their teaching and their lives as they learn more.

They are motivated by the same love for God's people that God has for his people. They desire that others know God's love.

The fish live in three kinds of water or word. [4] The word of God comes from the 1. Father, 2. Son, and 3. Holy Spirit. God is made known through his 1. works; the things that happen in life, 2. his word; Jesus and the Bible, and by his 3. Spirit dwelling within us.

The one who wears the armor of God as he searches the scriptures and is motivated by the love of God, is a good teacher.
  1. dag דג - fish, commanded ד to pursue ג
  2. qasqeseth - scale, mail (armor)
  3. סנפיר‎ - fins, 'holy א horned/thorned סנ bull פר'.
  4. Le 11:9 ¶ These shall ye eat of all that [are] in the waters: whatsoever hath fins and scales in the waters, in the seas, and in the rivers, them shall ye eat.