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גימטריה Gematria

גמ - understanding
טר - row, rain, clean
יה - of God

Understanding the rain of God

Rain is a symbol of God's word which is given to all men.

From Rabbi"Benjamin Blech

But Hebrew, according to our Sages, not only describes, it also creates.
Hebrew comes with "secrets" far more numerous than the usage of acronyms. the most intriguing, perhaps, and the one least acceptable to the western mind, simply because of unfamiliarity, is the code of gematria. It may appear as a amere game to take note of the fact that two totally different words, when translated into the language of numbers- for very Hebrew letter also bears a numerical equivalent- share the same total and hence have a relationship. THe Hebrew word for child, ילד, for example is 44. Of course, that 44 is the sum of a father אב=3 and a mother אם=41. It is not simply a man and a woman, sperm and egg, that have merged; it is the numerical essence, the gematria, that is as powerful as genetics in the act of creation.

This quote shows evidence that the Rabbinic understanding is that he letters/numbers themselves have power of creation. This should be considered cultic and even pantheistic. God used letters and words to create, and to communicate with his creation, but I believe it contradicts the revelation of God through Christ, who alone is the incarnate Word of God.

It should be curious that those who would deny that Christ is the singular God who has revealed himself as the Word, on the basis that it is too close to polytheism, would instead embrace a pantheon of deities in the form of the letters.