Gospel of Thomas - Chapter 010

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Saying 8

(8) And he said, "The man is like a wise fisherman who cast his net into the sea and drew it up from the sea full of small fish. Among them the wise fisherman found a fine large fish. He threw all the small fish back into the sea and chose the large fish without difficulty. Whoever has ears to hear, let him hear."

This is a fun one. Jesus always fed fish with bread. He said the bread was his body, which was given for us. He also said, that man does not live by bread alone... but by every word which proceeds from the mouth of God.

So fish represent "every word which proceeds from the mouth of God."

The small fish are cast back in favor of the single big fish. The greatest commandment is to love. All the others are wrapped up in it. This is the same parable as the man who sold all to buy the single pearl.

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