Gospel of Thomas - Chapter 015

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Saying 13

(13) Jesus said to his disciples, "Compare me to someone and tell me whom I am like."
Simon Peter said to him, "You are like a righteous angel."
Matthew said to him, "You are like a wise philosopher."
Thomas said to him, "Master, my mouth is wholly incapable of saying whom you are like."
Jesus said, "I am not your master. Because you have drunk, you have become intoxicated from the bubbling spring which I have measured out."
And he took him and withdrew and told him three things. When Thomas returned to his companions, they asked him, "What did Jesus say to you?"
Thomas said to them, "If I tell you one of the things which he told me, you will pick up stones and throw them at me; a fire will come out of the stones and burn you up."

Jesus said that he came to serve as the least among men (Joh 13:14) as he washed their feet. Wine is a symbol of the living word of God. Thomas has himself become a well-spring of living water.

The one thing he told them was that if he shared the word, the others would also share little words of God with him (throw stones-little words of God), the Spirit would attend the preaching of the word, and they will all become like the burnt offering which represents total devotion of the Son to the Father.

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