How the bet tells us about God

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How the bet tells us about God - ב

These are some the attributes:

  • Order or position in the alphabet: 2
  • A number value: 2
  • A meaning using notarikon (splitting it into smaller parts): resh ר horizontal vav ו
  • The meaning of it's name: בות or בית house, בת daughter, town, first, apple, branches, children
  • The number of it's name: בת 402 or 6, בית 412 or 7, בות 408 or 3
  • The formation of the name: ב-ת
  • The gate (a reversal gives an opposite sense): בת ↻ תב
  • The bet is the first letter of the revelation of God
  • Memory [1] - door (to the house)
Bet - the second will be made first
Bet - two are one
Bet - God reveals to man
Bet - God's house, children are first
Bet - God's children don't understand
Bet - revelation to spirit and flesh
Bet - complete revelation
Bet - revelation of Trinity
Bet - revelation produces life
Bet - the opposite of 'finished'
  1. Memory - The source of the idea in this line comes from Jewish tradition which has not yet been traced to scripture.