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The vav ו is a yod י with the lower portion extended downward to the baseline of the Square Letter Template. When used as a prefix it is translated and. It is a metaphor for the first words that God spoke into the void created by the yod: "Let there be light"

The vav, representing this declaration, distinguishes between the Darkness and the Light, but it also joins them the same way the word "and" does in English. Some say that the vav 'clarifies' things; distinguishing between two things that are associated as one.

The vav is the word which was spoken into the void. That Word is Christ Jesus.

The name vav mean "hook", "peg" or "nail". The word spoken from the beginning nailed Christ to the cross. It was central to the plan. The vav is the 6th letter which represents two testimonies of 3 each. John says there are three testimonies in heaven and three on earth. One vav is the word in heaven and the word on earth.

The vav is the number 6, and because man was created on the sixth day has been associated with man. But the man created on the sixth day is a type of Christ.[1] The number is the number of Christ and as the vav is the "water, water"... the "word,word" or word in heaven and earth.

The rabbis warn their students that when they see the white stone in scripture they should not say "water, water". It is a warning against seeing the Holy Father and Son as the living Torah in heaven and earth.


  1. The number five is the number of man made from dust. This is the letter hei meaning deceived.

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