MYHB - Cross - Victory over the power of sin

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Cross - Victory over the power of sin

Many people believe that Evil is a pervasive power, equal but opposite of Good, and they will forever be in tension. This is silliness. There is only one God, who is greater than any evil, and he is Good. He wins. In fact, he has never lost control.

We live in a good world that works the way God designed it. If you make your own rules for good and evil, and make choices using that, you have usurped God's position. You have made yourself to be a god. As a result, the choices you make will cause pain, suffering and death. When you realize that you have no control over the suffering you and others cause, you must acknowledge that you are not God.

Imagine if people could do whatever they wanted with no consequences. There would be nothing to draw them back to God. The power of sin comes from the law. Recognizing that the law says that if you sin you must die; you double down on your self-proclaimed godhood and try to not die. Adam tried to hide.

All your instincts kick in to preserve you. You will put yourself first; at the center of the universe, to not die. Jesus had to face this temptation. If he had put himself first, he would have chosen to not die on the cross. When you choose yourself first, you are choosing to not love. This is sin.

The attempt to not die, enslaves you to more sin. Fear of death is the power of sin.

Once you trust God who says that this life is but a shadow, and those who are his, never die, then you are set free to love; to put others first.

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