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Here is an example of the aleph with the next two letters of the alphabet. I apologize because it can get tedious. We are so accustomed to read quickly through material, and lists like this are intended for deep contemplation.

One might try to correlate other scriptures with the doctrines suggested. But it important to bore you with examples now, so that later, I can bore you in small pieces and you know there is a basis for the practices being used.

From the combination of aleph with the bet, the following doctrines are suggested:

The Father has never been seen except by the Son. (invisible aleph)
The Son reveals the Father (bet reveals invisible aleph) (bet alone is the Son which reveals the ab)
The Father revealed himself after creation (by the letters)
He used the door (the Son) to reveal himself (bet is the door by allegory)
He created a house (bet by the name)
He divided the house (aleph divides)
He reconciled the house (aleph reconciles)
He exists as a triune God (gematria of ab = 3)

From the combination of the aleph and the gimel:

After creation God pursued the weaker one (gimel is rich man pursuing the poor)
When the Creator pursues you, you will be anxious, insecure (meaning of ag) (opposite of ga – pride)

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