Not dedicated to God

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Not dedicated to God

Some teachers are symbolized by rabbits. A warren of rabbits may look like popcorn. They jump when happy; they jump when scared; they just jump sometimes. The name in Hebrew means 'divided jubilation' [1].

The rabbit is a symbol of teachers who mix all kinds of religions together. This week it is Christmas, Hanukkah, or Quanza, and next they are celebrating Hindu dust. To them all religions are good. They have no discernment about what to celebrate.

Some people say we can't trust the Bible because it says the rabbit 'chews the cud' and rabbits don't chew the cud. The Bible says that only in English. In Hebrew is says they chew the 'gerah' which is a thing pursued again because it was not understood. [2]

The rabbit actually passes it's food through a second time by eating it's night droppings. This rabbit-like teacher knows the word of God but is not a good teacher.

The teacher symbolized by rabbit or hare is not a good teacher because the knowledge of God does not produce a separated hoof. He does not live what he knows. Without discernment of what to celebrate, the teacher cannot dedicate his life to God.
  1. hare ‘arnebeth ארנבת - house בת of divided א jubilation רנ.
  2. gerah כרה - pursue ג the revelation ר that was not understood ה.