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The order

When the letters are placed in numeric order, they are validated with a message of Christ. The strokes built the letters with meaning. A number system was imposed on the alphabet by someone unknown, and together they produce the message of Christ. Read the column labeled "Meaning of the letter".

Also the meaning of the numbers is reflected in the meaning of the letters.

Value Letter Meaning of the letter Meaning of the number
1 Aleph א God spoke and created the heavens and the earth One creator
2 Bet ב He revealed to man Spirit and flesh
3 Gimel ג that he pursued them Trinity: The rich one became the poor one to pursue men
4 Dalet ד with a commandment The commandment came by prophet, priest, king and judge
5 He ה which they did not understand natural man
6 Vav ו but it distinguished them The word in heaven and earth
7 Zayin ז as the bride The completed work
8 Chet ח when they understood it The commandment understood (in flesh and spirit 4x2)
9 Tet ט through a marriage Chosen by Father, Married by the Son, Given life by the Spirit, each being God (3x3)
10 Yod י they became a new creation Christ as the dual-natured man, us in Christ
20 Kof כ The Son of God The dual-natured man with the Spirit (2x10)
30 Lamed ל taught Pursued by the dual-natured man (3x10)
40 Mem מ the promise of the Father The 4-fold word made known by the dual-natured man (4x10)
50 Nun נ The Son of Man the flesh of the dual-natured man (5x10)
60 Samech ס completed it (the promise) The pursuit (3) by the dual-natured man (10) completed in spirit and flesh (2)
70 Ayin ע becoming flesh and bearing our sin It is finished (7) by the dual-natured man (10)
80 Pe פ speaking in parables The command (4) given in double-meanings of parables (2) by the dual-natured man (10)
90 Tsadi צ exchanging our sin for his righteousness The pursuit (3) by the Trinity (3) completed by the dual-natured man (10)
100 Qof ק He died and rose again The dual-natured man created dual-natured men - the church (10x10)
200 Rosh ר revealing The invisible bride (church) is made known (2x100)
300 Shin ש his word did not return void The pursuit (3) is finalized in the church (100)
400 Tov ת His revelation produced new life the commandment (4) produced the church (100)
500 Final kof ך The Son of God's death The natural man (5) became the church (100) through Christ's death
600 Final mem ם completed the Father's will The word of God in heaven and earth (6) is fulfilled in the church (100)
700 Final nun ן Christ was restored to Glory The work was complete (7) in the church (100)
800 Final pe ף Prophecy was fulfilled The commandment (spirit and flesh) (8) fulfilled in the church (100)
900 Final tsadi ץ Judgement was ended Through the marriage (9) judgement was ended (the man and his bride became one flesh) in the church (100)
1000 Final shin Coheirs with Christ The dual-natured man (10) and the church (100) together.