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Appendix A Acts 12

Luke has hidden a story of Jesus in Acts 12. It meets the definition of sod (pronounced sowd) given by the rabbis: it is hidden in scripture and speaks of Messiah. [1]


To see the picture, you must connect ideas, not merely words. The verses associated with the ideas below (in the references) concerning Christ do not use the word 'vexed'. But when we read 'vexed' in Acts 12:1, if we meditate upon it, we realize that Jesus had been vexed by two different Herod's; once at the time of his birth, and once at his trial. Jesus said all the scriptures speak of him, so we always ask, "In what way does this speak of Christ?"

Herod vexed the body of Christ [2]
Herod had vexed Christ. [3] [4]

The arrest

Connecting the dots concerning the arrests takes more than looking for a common word. Peter was arrested during the "days of unleavened bread". The lazy expositor assumes that the day of unleavened bread are the 'feast of unleavened bread' which takes place after Passover, and the connection to Jesus will never be made. To ensure that we don't misunderstand, Luke tells us that Herod intended to display Peter to the crowds after Easter. [5] The DAYS of unleavened bread occurred before Passover when the Jews sold all their leavening to their non-Jewish neighbors so they could buy it back after Passover.

Peter was arrested the week before Passover [6]
Jesus was arrested the week before Passover. [7]


We have been taught to compare and contrast things. In prophetic riddle, we only compare. Peter was placed between two guards, and Jesus between two thieves. If we get hung up contrasting them, we are distracted that guards and thieves are not alike. The comparison between the two is that in each case they were between two somethings.

Peter was set between two guards [8]
Jesus was set between two (thieves): [9]


A light shown in the cell [10]
A light shown (in the tomb):[11]

Poked in the side

Peter was poked on the side [12]
Jesus was poked in the side: [13]

Three barriers

Three barriers to escape (two sets of guards and a gate) [14]
Three barriers to escape (two days in death and the stone which was opened on the third day):[15]


The gate open by itself [16]
The stone opened itself:[17]


Peter went to Mary's house [18]
The first person Jesus saw was Mary:[19]

Women ran to tell the disciples

The woman ran to tell the disciples [20]
Mary ran to tell the disciples [21]

Told she was crazy

She was told she was mad [22]
The woman was told she was crazy:[23]

Another place

When Peter was finished visiting his disciples he went to another place [24]
When Jesus finished visiting with his disciple he went to another place:[25]


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