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This is the short catechism of the Hebrew alphabet (Follow the links to the Q&A)

They heard - אבגדה

God spoke and created the heavens and the earth א and revealed to men ב that he pursued them ג with a commandment ד which they did not understand ה.

They saw - וזחטי

They were distinguished ו as the bride ז when they did understand ח. Through a marriage ט they became a new creation י.

The promise - כלמנס

The Son of God כ taught ל the promise of the Father מ. The Son of Man נ fulfilled the promise ס.

The exchange - עפצ

He was made to be flesh and bore our sin ע, taught in parables, prophecies and riddles פ, and exchanged his righteousness for our sin צ.

The revelation - קרשת

The Son of God died and rose again ק revealing ר that his Word returned with an increase ש and the revelation had produced new life ת.

The final state - ךםןףץ

The Son of God died ך completing the promise of the Father ם. The Son of Man was restored to Glory ן. Prophecy was fulfilled ף. Judgement is ended ץ. And we became co-heirs with Christ.

Long Catechism

The Long Catechism is a detailed dive into the deep theologies of scripture letter by letter, and is beyond the scope of this book. (but is being added to it...) Under construction.