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In the second son theme, the second son receives the inheritance that the first son loses. Isaac is literally a second son, and he is a second son by way of riddle. Isaac tells us something about Christ as the second Adam that we did not yet see in Abraham. Isaac is the third 'second' in Matthews list of records.

Isaac the literal second son

Ishmael was the first born child of Abram. He was born before Abram became Abraham. A change of name does not make him literally, not a child of Abraham, but Isaac is called the only begotten son of Abraham. [1] Literally, Isaac remained the second son of Abraham. In the role of the second son, he obtained the inheritance that Ishmael literally lost. [2]

Isaac the riddle second son

The keys to teaching (the kingdom of heaven) are the symbols of the cross. For Isaac, the obvious one is when he is placed on the altar as the sacrifice. [3] Prior to that moment he represents the first son who dies desolate. The fact that he didn't die, is a symbol of his resurrection. After that moment he is he second son who is fruitful [4] and receives the inheritance.

Isaac's keys

Isaac was threatened with death but survived.(at the hand of Abraham)

The Ram was a substitutionary death.

He is the usurping second son to Ishmael.

Isaac was snatched up [5]

Threatened with death but did not die [6]

Underground three times:

First well [7] and called it "contention" (Esek).
Second well [8] he called "enmity, accuser. (Satan)
Third well [9] and named it "wide street".

And right after God blessed him to be fruitful. [10]

Fourth well [11] he called oath (Sheba) [12]

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