The Bible - one message

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The Bible - one message

It is impossible for any man to see or hear God. We probably need to be more specific; God the Father. I am going to share some technical things. You don't need to fully understand them yet, but they are shared so that you know that I am not just making things up. You may wish to read the mystery for yourself, but that will take time.

It is said that we can't know what there was before the 'Big Bang' of creation. Genesis 1:1 starts with 'In the beginning' and so it appears that we can't discern anything before the beginning. But we can. The mystery is written in riddle.

The word for 'in the beginning' in Hebrew is bereshith. As in English, the 'b' sound is the second letter of the alphabet. Here is the riddle: What comes before 'in the beginning'?

Since it begins with the second letter, the thing that comes before is the first letter: the aleph א. It is a silent letter, and since it is not before bereshit, it is also invisible.

The aleph tells us many things which happened before the beginning:

the unpronounceable name of God (It is not YHWH as many think)
the triune nature of God
the timeless nature of God
his plan was known from beginning to end

There are more, but the most important thing... not that I say it is most important, but he does... is that he is the creator.

The aleph tells us that God created the heavens and the earth, and because it is silent and invisible, it tells us that he did that when there was no one there to hear or see him do it.

I know that this is the most important message because all of creation explodes out of the invisible aleph.

Remember we said that all the letters have meanings? The word for 'in the beginning; bereshith can be read letter by letter (Hebrew is read right to left). בראשית- A revelation to man ב, it is revealed ר that God spoke and created the heavens and the earth א, his word did not return void but with an increase ש, what he intended to do י he completed ת.

God has told us twice already that he is the creator. But he doesn't stop there. Genesis 1:1 says : In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

Now he has told us three times. But if we split bereshith in half: bara shith it now means 'created six'.

In the rest of the chapter we are told how God created the heavens and the earth in six days. That is the fourth time. Each telling uses more symbols or words than the previous tellings.

But it doesn't stop. Each day of creation is like a Table of Contents entry which points to six divisions of the Bible. Can you guess what they tell us? That God is the creator.; that is the fifth time. Within the book we can find it taught many more times.

Though he cannot be seen nor heard, God wants us to know him as the creator. That is the primary message of the Bible and the mystery within. The invisible and silent God wants to be known by those whom he created.