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Finding the mystery

The mystery of God which was hidden from the beginning, is hidden in childish riddles like the ones told by Jesus. They can now be discerned because Jesus has been revealed to be the focus of all the riddles. They are discerned or solved from the scriptures themselves and from the hieroglyphic meaning of the letters In the riddle above, we used the Jewish mythology; but we didn’t have to. The mythology of the rich man chasing after the poor man is merely a euphemized version of the meaning of the hieroglyphic.

The gimel examined


The rich man is God who chased after the poor man Adam. (Ge 3.9) He did this in the garden spelled גן which means 'chasing after the dead son'.

The meaning of the word is one expression of the hieroglyphic meaning of the combined letters.The garden is where God pursued man after he had 'fallen'.


The word 'however ' or 'moreover' indicates that there is more to be said to finish the story, and it is the word גם. It is pursuing ג the completion ם.


Pride comes before the fall and the gimel precedes the aleph in the word for 'pride'. גא Pride pursues something for it's own agenda until it causes division.


When raiders invaded your camp they did so with a loud shout which would frighten those being attacked. The word for 'raid' is a gimel followed by a dalet. It is a pursuit with a declaration (or shout). גד It is also the word for coriander. Manna was like coriander (Ex 16:31) and it is a symbol of the true bread of life, Jesus (Joh 6:58). Jesus is the one who was the Word (declaration) which is pursued by those who desire the bread of life. The Israelites had to collect/pursue it daily (except upon the Sabbath of course).


If you were pursued to the uttermost, one might chase you even upon the housetops. The word for housetop is גג a double pursuit. When something is doubled, it can be interpreted as the one thing 'in heaven and on earth' or one thing 'in flesh and spirit'. In this case the gimel is doubled and so the chase takes place on earth and in heaven. The mountain is the place of symbolic significance as a place where you meet God. The word גוג 'Gog' means mountain. It is a pursuit of pursuits with a distinction as it's purpose. The great distinction is between man and God, and the mountain is where you go to express your acknowledgement of God.


The one who chases after a revelation, that is, he came to live in and among God's people, was called a sojourner גר.

Riddle - a word hidden in life

The word for 'riddle' in Hebrew is חיה (life) with a dalet ד (word) added to make חידה (word hidden in life). The riddles of the Old Testament (the hidden words in the record of life) are the Gospel: the word of Life - and speak of Christ: The Word of life.

The meaning of the word derives from the combination of metaphors represented by letters. A word contains the meaning of all the sub roots and letter combinations which form it, and these assist in the building of the riddles and the mystery.

The mystery has been hidden “from the beginning” (Eph 3.9) . The word 'from' has two senses. Because it is used here with 'beginning' the sense of time is assumed. “Ever since the beginning” is what we think. But there is a riddle hidden here. “From” also means that something is contained in something and is taken out of it. The one thing came out of, or from the other. Next we will look at the word for 'beginning' and see what comes out of it.

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