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Tradition and custom gives the inheritance to the first born son. There are a significantly higher proportion of second sons who get the inheritance in the scripture than would be expected. In the list of first and second sons, sometimes the position is discerned by riddle rather than by literal methods.

The first son represents the first man (Adam) and the fleshly nature. The second son represents the second man (Christ) and the heavenly nature.

Motif: First and second sons

First son Second son 1st ref 2nd ref Comment !
Son of God Adam Son of God existed 'in the beginning' Joh 1:1 Adam was created Gen 2:7 Adam given dominion Ge 1:26
Adam Jesus 1Co 15:47 1Co 15:47 The first man is of the earth, earthy: the second man is the Lord from heaven.
Cain Abel Seth took Abel's place in the narrative. Ge 4:25
Haran Abram Haran was the first born son Lot took Heran's place in the narrative
Abram Abraham Abraham received the promised son and increase
Ishamael Isaac Isaac received the blessing
Esau Jacob Jacob received the blessing
Jacob Israel Jacob is the father of the flesh, Israel of the promise
Simeon Judah find the riddles which make Judah second (there are two)
Zarah Pharez
Pharez Hezron 1Ch 4:1
Jerahmeel Ram 1Ch 2:9
Saul David first and second kings
Jonathon David First son and adopted son of Saul. David received the kingdom.
Adam Israel
David's first son Solomon
Israel Church
Jesus Messiah yes, they're the same just as Abram and Abraham.
book of Ecclesiastes book of Matthew
flesh spirit

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