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Before the beginning

The invisible aleph א
Pre Gen 1:1 - The ancient riddle asks why Genesis 1:1 starts with the second letter of the alphabet ב rather than the first א. For the riddle to be asked, these things must be presumed:
  • That there is an order to the letters. In fact, each letter is also a number.
  • That there is meaning to each letter. In fact, the letter derives it's meaning from the strokes which form it.
  • That God has a purpose in the things he doesn't say. It is foreign to the Greek mind. The things that are not said can be interpreted by the same rules which guide interpreting the things that are said.

The aleph is a silent letter. It's formation is "God spoke and created the heavens and the earth". In Genesis 1:1 it is also an invisible letter. It is invisible and silent to say that when God spoke and created the heavens and the earth, there was no one there to see or hear him do it.

Before this event, without creation י heaven שמים was desolate שמם.


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