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The Kingdom of Heaven->KH: Elohim

Theologians disagree about whether the Kingdom of Heaven and the Kingdom of God are the same thing or two different things. We know that when there are two things closely associated, that they are one thing viewed from two sides. We expect them both to share some attributes, but to be distinguished in others.

Since all doctrine taught in the New Testament has it's origins in the Old Testament, we first look at the Hebrew words for kingdom. We should not be surprised to find two basic words: mᵉluwkah מלוכה and mlakah מלכה share four letters meaning that their foundational meaning is very similar and are one of the basic words. The other is malkuwth מלכות. Already you can see that one word has a he ה meaning that something is not understood, and the other has a tov ת meaning that something is finished.

Some theologians suggest that the Kingdom of Heaven may include lost people who are separated out later, and the Kingdom of God only includes saved people. The Hebrew words seem to support the basic idea without suggesting which is which.

Both words contain the gate lemed- kof לכ. This means - the teaching ל of the Son of God כ. The kingdom of God, by either word includes teaching. This should not take us by surprise since his name Elohim means God is separated from us by ignorance. The remedy to ignorance is teaching.

The gate lach לכ means walking. Walking is a metaphor for your life. The purpose of teaching is to change your life. Like the clean animal, meditating on the word of God should give you a separated, or holy walk.

Following the logic

His name Elohim told us that we are separated from God by ignorance. The word for "kingdom" suggests the kingdom has something to do with teaching.