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An introduction (to Jesus)

There are many people involved in the making of a movie. When it is complete, the subtle messages it contains are influenced by the author, the director, the actors, and even the producers. The Bible is similar but different in this way: In the movie, a collaborative representation of life (the movie) usually portrays a book. The Bible is a book which portrays a collaborative portion of life. The characters in the Bible, though real people living real lives, are like the actors of the movie. They lived their lives like you and I, not knowing the script. They are usually invisibly and quietly guided by the director (God), though occasionally he has forcefully stepped into the production.

The director then fed the director's cut to the producer (the human author) from which he had edited out much material. The human author did not see everything that God saw, and was given only those portions that God wanted him to see. The producer (human author) wrote what he saw of those portions of life and wrote them into the tablets, scrolls and codices which have become our Bible.

Quietly in the lives of the actors, the guiding hand of the director, and the editing of the raw material presented to the producer by limiting what he could see of the whole drama, produced the subtle messages that the director intended in the Bible.

The producer was aware of the literal lives of the actors, and he sometimes had a hint that the director was doing something behind the scenes. But since the producer of one book of the Bible did not have the text of the books that would follow, he did not know the conclusion of the hidden themes and motifs. Only the director saw and subtly compiled the whole story.

Once Jesus proclaimed "It is finished" the whole story could be understood. He died to set men free from sin "And to make all men see what is the fellowship of the mystery, which from the beginning of the world hath been hid in God, who created all things by Jesus Christ" (Eph 3.9)

This book explores the hidden mysteries of God using a first century hermeneutic and we will refer to it as the Director’s Bible.

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