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The Director's Bible was produced as a trilogy by three individuals: God – the Father, God – the Son, and God – the Holy Spirit. Each ‘directed their own portion of scripture and told the same story, but from their own individual perspectives.

The first part contains all of Genesis and was directed by the Father. There are four main ‘stories’ or divisions representing the four voices of God as he speaks through or in the genre of the King, Priest, Judge and Prophet. Each role (king, priest, judge, and prophet) speaks in a distinct voice which is used to interpret the four layers of scripture.

  • The first story in Genesis concerns creation from Ge 1:1 through the first half of Ge 2:5. This portion also acts as a table of contents to the rest of the Bible. Each of the seven days points to seven stories which contain the rest of the Bible. The Father declared his purpose and plan from beginning to end.
  • The second story in Genesis concerns the making of the man (Seth as a type of Christ) in the image of God and his bride in the man’s likeness. It concludes with the end of Genesis 5 , after they had been fruitful and multiplying.
  • The third story concerns the man; Noah as a type of Christ, who was totally devoted to the Father and by his faithfulness condemned the rest of the world. It speaks of his death and resurrection and how he was fruitful in resurrection. His children (at Babel) were of one word or teaching until bad seed was sown. They were then divided by the mixing of God's teaching with the teaching of the world, so God scattered them.
  • The fourth story is concerned with revealing the roles of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost as they obtain a bride for the son. The Father (played by Abraham) chose the bride (played by Rebekah) for the son (played by Isaac)., the Son, Jacob, wooed and worked for the bride (played by Leah and Rachel), but his children were earthly children, not spiritual. The Holy Ghost (played by Joseph) preserved the children in the world as they multiplied greatly.

Within these four primary stories, there are smaller stories in which the roles of the actors may change. For instance, Joseph will also play the role of Jesus in some of the stories.

The second part (the history of Israel) was directed by the Son and reveals his most intimate feelings toward his bride who turned out to be a prostitute. He shares his heartache and the extremes to which he would go to woo her back. This second part spans from Exodus through the rest of the Old Testament and, just as the first part, has many stories.

The third part; the New Testament, was directed by the Holy Ghost, who declares “Here comes the bridegroom” in his first story called the ‘Gospel’ which has four voices like the first part. In the second story the Holy Ghost shows how the man and his bride have become fruitful and are multiplying.

Each person of the Trinity was the primary Director of his portion of scripture. The personalities of each are distinguishable in the manner which they treat various topics.

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