How the aleph tells us about God

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How the aleph tells us about God

Hebrew letters have many attributes, and each is a riddle which speaks of God.

These are some the attributes:

א:☧ First - Order or position in the alphabet: the aleph is first.

א:☧: One - A number value: the aleph is 1

  • A meaning using notarikon (splitting it into smaller parts): the aleph א is yod י vav ו yod י
  • The meaning of it's name: Spelled out aleph אלף is meaning teach, learn, one thousand, chief, or אלוף meaning duke, guide, friends, governors, captains, governor, ox, tame, docile, intimate, chief
  • The number of it's name: if spelled אלף it is 831 or 3. If spelled אלוף then it is 837 or 9.
  • The formation of the name: א(ל)ף, א-ל-ף, אל-ף, א-לף
  • The gate (a reversal gives an opposite sense): פלא works of wonder ↹ worker of wonders
  • Puns: אלופ ÷ אלפ

Aleph - the first and the last
Aleph - the unspeakable name of God
Aleph - the Trinity
Aleph - teach
Aleph - governor
Aleph - creation by separation
Aleph - nine are one
Aleph - three are one

Other expressions

Above Below
Light Dark
Waters above Waters below
Waters Dry ground