He pursued them ג

The strokes of the gimel is like the nun (Son of man). The vav is split and first hits the point of the cross in grace for man,  and then holiness hits man later as he is sanctified.

God pursued man by first reconciling him through the cross, then by making him holy. Sanctification comes after reconciliation.

Ro 5:8 But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.

The allegory for the letter is that a rich man pursued a poor man. It is a pun to ‘camel’. Jesus uses the pun when a rich man pursued him.

The ultimate rich man is God. When he looked at man, he found none seeking him even though he had promised that if they sought him they would find him.

The gimel/camel represents the judge. He carries his own water/word with him. The first part of God’s pursuit is judgement. He judged the sin of man through Christ on the cross.

God pursuing man is taught through many shadows. He draws man to himself as when Moses was attracted to the burning bush. He chases after them as he did Jonah. He seeks them out when they are lost, like the good shepherd. He woos them as Jacob did Leah. He leads them and follows them as the pillar of smoke and fire did in the desert.

The name of the letter spelled out גמל means “He pursued man ג to teach ל of the covenant with the Father מ.

The value of the letter is 3. All three persons of the Godhead pursue man.