Second son – Jacob

Tradition in most cultures, including the Hebrew, dictates that he first-born son receives the inheritance or favor in the inheritance. This string of second-son inheritors is out of the norm and is used by God to prophesy of Christ.

Jacob the literal second son

Esau and Jacob were twins. Esau was born first and Jacob was born right on his heels. [1]

Esau’s personality reflects that of the earthly man; the man of the flesh. He traded his birthright for a boiling pottage.

Jacob the riddle second son

Esau’s characteristics also indicate his earthly nature in riddle and symbol. When he was born he was red in color. [2] The Hebrew word for red is ‘adam’. The same as the name for the first man Adam. Esau was also hairy all over his body. Hair is a symbol for authority. In riddle is suggests that Esau was a man who gave authority to his body/flesh.

He traded his birthright for soup. In Hebrew this is zood nazid or ‘pride’ ‘son of man’s pride’. [3] This fits well with the image of Esau being earthly. When he asked for the pottage, he asked for the red (Adam) pottage, and his name was changed to Edom, which is spelled the same as Adam. [4]

Jacob was renamed Israel. Jacob lost all he had gained when he forfeited it during his reunion with Esau, but gained it all back as Israel.

Jacob’s keys

Esau was threatened with death but did not die [5]

Jacob threatened with death but did not die [6]

He slept (died) [7] and awoke with God’s blessing of fruitfulness.

Stone on the mouth of the well [8]

THe rods were striped [9]

Threatened with death [10]

Wrestled with God (underground) [11]
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  11. Ge 32:24 ¶ And Jacob was left alone; and there wrestled a man with him until the breaking of the day.


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