God created the heavens and the earth א

The aleph א is a huge idea which can be viewed from many sides, and expressed in many ways. The primary meaning is that when God spoke, he created two things which are two aspects (heavens and earth) of one thing (creation).

The primary implication is that God is unique as the creator. He is not the same as everything else. Through the act of creation, he mirrors aspects of himself. What is mirrored will never share all aspects of God. The distinction of creator vs. created will always exist no matter how intimately the joining of man and God becomes.

The diagonal vav identifies a dual-dualism. It separates the upper horizontal line of the square-letter template from the lower, the heavens from the earth. This dualism expressed a divide between physical and non-physical attributes of creation. But as mentioned previously, it also joins them. The physical creation is a trope; metaphor, allegory, shadow, type, riddle, parable or pattern, of the unseen things. They exist so that we may know God, and that he is made known through the Son.

The diagonal vav also separates the left from the right in the square-text template. Holiness and Love are divided. His nature includes both, but in revealing himself, he expresses them separately so that we can understand.

God is Holy and extends his Love, he then makes men holy so that they can return his love.

One may ask how this is different from other forms of dualism. Don’t. This is a discovered dualism, not an invented one. God communicated it through his word and we can observe it. Once we understand it, the man-made forms become trivial.

Philosophic dualism separates mind from body. It is a trite representation of the words used by Paul, but missing the meaning of what Paul said.

Ro 8:10 ¶ And if Christ [be] in you, the body [is] dead because of sin; but the Spirit [is] life because of righteousness.

Moral dualism is a Satanic deception to elevate the devil to be equal with God. The world is not divided Good vs. Evil. Satan is not God’s peer. Creation was not good and evil, it was very good.

Ge 1:31 ¶ And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, [it was] very good. And the evening and the morning were the sixth day.

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  1. “Creation was not good and evil, it was very good.”

    As I understand it, meaning of “very good” regarding creation is “very good according to it’s purpose”.

    1. The word טוב towb means both a benefit and a moral good. In translation we try to distinguish which because we think that the concepts are different. This is a western mistake in understanding Hebrew. It is both. We must join our two ideas as one expressed by the one Hebrew word. By formation the word means ‘the marriage (on earth) ט explained ו by the revelation to man ב. Each thing God created in Ge 1 was a prophetic riddle speaking of Christ and his bride. Other places see that the word for marriage is the same as doctrine. The bride is those who are taught by Christ.

      The word מאד mᵉ‘od for very or exceedingly, by formation means ‘from מ the mist אד’ and ‘being measured מד at it’s core to be holy א’ and ‘from מ the dividing א of the command ד’. This is where the idea of ‘good according to it’s purpose’ comes in. God declared it to be according to his holy (separate) command. When ‘very’ is used, there is a special emphasis on “God said so”.

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