Teaching children

When teaching children to speak, ideas are repeated, started with simple expressions, and increasing in complexity.

One meaning of Elohim is God separated from his people because they do not understand. The remedy to this is the kingdom of heaven which is teaching. All of creation, all of the words of God, all of the actions of Christ, and all of the life of the Spirit are devoted to bringing man and God together.

The primary teaching of the Bible is that God alone is God as understood that he alone is the creator. This is repeated in the first letter, then the first word, the first sentence, the first chapter and completes with the whole word.

The first letter of the first verse of the first book is an invisible aleph. It is also a silent letter.  א

It’s primary meaning from the strokes is God spoke and created the heavens and the earth. Since it is invisible and silent, we know that he had no witnesses to him doing it.

Job 38:4 ¶ Where wast thou when I laid the foundations of the earth? declare, if thou hast understanding.

The first word of Gen 1:1 is bereshit בראשית, translated In the beginning.  When read letter by letter , rather than as a word it says the same thing as the invisible aleph.

Bet ב – A revelation to man
Resh ר – It is revealed
Aleph א – that God spoke and created the heavens and the earth
Shin ש – his word did not return void, but returned with an increase
Yod י – What he intended to do
Tov ת – he completed

The first sentence says the same as the first letter and word:

Ge 1:1 ¶ In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

Not only does bereshit repeat the meaning of the aleph, but sets the stage for the first chapter. When the word is split in half and then read as bere-shit it means Created six. He then expands and tells how he created all in six days.

As mentioned previously, each day points to a larger portion of scripture emphasizing that the purpose of the whole word of God is to reveal to man that God alone is creator, bridging the gap of misunderstanding, and bringing God and man together.

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