Aleph summary

Without going into the tedious details, the letter suggests the following points of doctrine.

God alone is God, there is no other (invisible and silent)
He exists as a tri-une being( three parts of aleph)
He alone created (one creation, two parts.. all that is)
No one observed him create (silent and invisible)
The Father and Son are two aspects of one God (two yods)
The Holy Spirit is God, but His unity with God is  different than the unity between Father and Son. (diagonal vav)
There is a natural tension between Father and Son which is held in place by the Spirit. (vav between the yods)
The Spirit drives the Father and creation apart (from the fluttering)
The Son pulls the Father and creation together (from the firmament)
All three aspects of God are fully God. (all one aleph – creator)
One is like 1000 to God. (number and name)
God (the creator) is one (number)

These doctrines are repeated in many ways and places throughout the Bible.

A couple posts could be spent on each topic to show doctrine from other scripture. I will let others do that.

The same kind of list of doctrines can be produced with each of the 28 letters and 22 x 21 = 462 permutations of the 22 natural letters and someday I must get around to doing it.

Some people will just think I am incredibly clever and inventive. But I am merely observing this and sharing what I see.   Our Bible is very much like a “Where’s Waldo”book and we didn’t know we were supposed to be looking for Waldo. But now that we know he is there, we can see him, but we will be blamed for putting him there, even though he has always been there.

His sheep hear his voice.


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