Genesis 38 as Luke would read it

Luke wrote Acts 12 in such a way as to hide a secret picture of Christ within. He used the historical facts as prophetic riddle pointing back to the cross. He did this to teach us how to read the Old Testament.

Genesis 38 has been called the worst chapter of the Bible, but it contains a beautiful picture of the birth of Christ.

Tamar met Judah before Timnath (the appointment) (Ge 38:14)
Mary met God before the appointed time of Christ. (Heb 9:27)

Tamar was offered a goat by Judah. (Ge 38:17)
the angel told her “He will save his people from their sins.” (Mt 1:21) These words are used of the scapegoat.

Tamar wanted an assurance that she would receive the goat, (Ge 38:17)
Mary asked for an assuring word of explanation. (Lk 1:34)

Tamar was given the staff or rod which represents the power of God in discipline. (Pr 22:15, Pr 23:13, Pr 29:15)
Mary was told the power of the Highest would overshadow her. (Lk 1:35)

Tamar was given the signet ring. (Ge 38:18) A signet ring declares the wearer to be a son.
Mary was told that he would be called the Son of God. (Lk 1:35)

Tamar was given bracelets. (Ge 38:18) Bracelets cover an empty vessel to keep it clean.
Mary was told that she was not unclean because although she was with child, it was by the Holy Ghost. (Lk 1:35)

Tamar bore twins (Ge 38:27)
Mary bore the dual-natured God-Man. (Joh 8:58)

The names of the twins mean ‘breaking forth’ and ‘rising sun’
Jesus was called Dayspring.(Lu 1:78)

The second son was born first (Ge 38:28-29)
Jesus is the second Adam (1Co 15:45-47)

And he knew her again no more (Gen 38:26)
Jesus was the only begotten son. (Joh 1:18)

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